Dame Galatea Rodger of Daedian

NAME Galatea Rodger

GENDER Cis Female


AGE 23y.o.


RACE Cursed Human

HEIGHT 170cm / 5"6'


"I've been challenging the universe since I was born. I got pretty good at it."

If there is a thing Galatea certainly does is stand out from the crowd. With a serious and often times described as scary demeanor, she does not take her duty lightly. As a devoted, ambitious and skilled royal guard, her name has quite the prestige attached to it, building up enough recgonition to possibly fulfill her dream of being the General of the Royal Guard of Daedian in the future.

Despite being raised around the advisor of the king, meaning a very strict upbringing, once she's out of her armor, her demeanor changes quite a bit. She is either known as the deadliest guard or the best company to a tavern. It is not an uncommon sight for her to leave the building accompanied by someone for the night.

When in her free time, Galatea shows a prideful personality. It's not that the thinks highly of herself, but she is deeply stubborn and a bit hot headed. One thing she'll get over her pride to admit though, is that she lacks a lot of the social skills of someone her age. Sure, her flirting and sweet nothings are effective, but she still has many deeper genuine feelings she has yet to express.


Her pale skin makes some folks think she is permanently sick, but Galatea is at least physically very strong - though her muscle is often hidden under the royal guard uniform. She is semi tall, with a predominant presence whenever she goes - either by her ever stoic but hypnotizing face or demeanor.

Her hair is of a dark brown, which under the right lights, may even look black. Her eyes are sharp, a faded violet color - unheard of for someone who's of human origin, piling up evidence that she is somehow cursed or under a spell that has yet to be lifted.


Nobody is sure of how exactly Galatea came into the picture, her parents' identities and conditions are completely unknown. She was found as a baby near the forest right beside Daedian's capital by a castle worker who then, realizing her unusual features - snow white hair and purple eyes -, took her to Leonard.

Upon examination, he determined that the little girl was cursed in some way, though her case was not serious to the point of not being able to live semi normal life. Still, he decided to become the one medically responsible for her health, and placed her in an orphanage in the city.

Growing up, she visited the castle somewhat often to check on how her curse behaved. As the years went on, her hair started to grow a black color, and the buds in her back were often trimmed, as Leonard didn’t want her curse to have a chance.

In her usual path through the castle corridors, she’d see some royal guards training from a far off window, which sparked her interest in the profession. At 15, she asked ─ and begged ─ for a position in the castle, to which Leonard relented. In her introduction to other kids, she met Paisley, a noble with a similar desire.

She gripped onto this opportunity as if her life depended on it. Being naturally inclined to the activities and trying really hard, she got into the good side of her mentors. Still, Leonard was very distant and cold. Not like it really bothered her on a personal level: he was doing his job as promised to the orphanage’s staff, nothing more.

At around 18, she became an official royal guard, being able to take on full turns. With her desire to always learn new techniques and sharpening the ones she developed, she continue to rise in popularity… not only inside the castle walls. Her social life took a turn for the best, and she got several admirers and romantic interests through the years.


  • She has never shown any strong emotions when people assume she met her family. According to her, it is simply not the person's fault.
  • Has buds growing out on her back, possibly an indicator of her curse. She trims them every few weeks.
  • She has high alcohol tolerance, but doesn't drink a lot.
  • She wears less armor than her peers, as her technique relies on agility. Because of her talent and usefulness to the royal guard, the higher-ups turn a blind eye.


  • Peace & Quiet
  • Training
  • Night time
  • Flamboyant/heavy clothing
  • Extreme weather
  • Large celebrations


  • Telling time: She's not quite sure if it's luck or a skill, but she can the time pretty well just from estimating how much time has passed since she last looked at a clock.
  • Swordfighting: A skill she has been honing since she was allowed to pick up a sword, she is a highlight in the royal guard.
  • Learning: She learns new things quickly, if she puts her mind into it.