Terms Of Service

Full terms of service for my commissions. Last updated May 27th, 2023.

By commissioning me, you agreed to the following terms on this page.


  • By commissioning me, you read and agree to abide by my full Terms Of Service.
  • I have the right to reject your commission. I may or may not justify why.
  • Not first come, first serve!
  • There will be no physical product shipped unless specifically stated otherwise. My commissions' finished pieces are fully digital.
  • You can check the current status of your commission here.


  • Prices listed on my examples page are in USD.
  • Payment shall be done through PayPal, specifically an invoice (which is the reason I ask for your e-mail), upfront upon me confirming I’ll take on your commission.
  • Prices are non-negotiable, and on the applicable occasions, may fluctuate. I will inform the price when I first reach out.
  • There is no need for the client to cover for PayPal fees. My prices are set up with those in mind.
  • Tips are enabled on invoices, but are purely optional.


  • After filling the order form (hosted on Google Forms), I will reach out as soon as I can to confirm details and clarify any questions, through either Toyhou.se, Discord or Twitter.
  • After you confirm the price, I will send you the invoice. I’ll start the process after the money is sent.
  • The default deadline will be somewhere between 1-3 weeks. I will be in contact if any extensions are needed.
  • I will be sending watermarked WIPs throughout the process for client approval and revisions.
  • I can offer revisions free of charge within reason and with clear communication. I do prefer that you ask for them sooner rather than later.
  • However, if there are excessive major requests that are not my own fault in interpreting your references, I may ask for an additional payment.

Art Specifics

  • Clients will receive a signed piece. Do not ask me to remove it. (Different from a watermark, my signature will in general terms be discreet.)
  • My base resolution for drawing is 2000px x 2000px at 250DPI. Size of the finished art may fluctuate depending on subject.
  • The client will receive the full resolution .PNG file and a smaller .PNG for public posting. I will not send the raw files.

Rights & Usage

  • I reserve the right to display the artwork commissioned on portfolios and social media.
    • I may crop or edit the image for better viewing. I will not post the full resolution picture;
    • I will not retain rights of the character(s) depicted, merely the drawing that I have made of them.
  • Clients are allowed to use received artwork for personal use, with credit (if public), such as:
    • Profile pictures/avatars;
    • Banners on social media;
    • Device wallpapers;
    • Physical personal prints;
    • And others.
  • Clients are not allowed to use received artwork, no matter how edited, for purposes such as:
    • Selling merchandise, digital or physical (prints, keychains, sticker sets, shirts);
    • Cryptocurrencies;
    • Non fungible tokens (NFT);
    • Involvement in Artificial Inteligence (AI) art;
    • And others.
  • Clients are not allowed to claim my artwork as if their own.


  • If for some reason either I can't finish your commission whatsoever or you wish for a refund, I shall work with you to settle on a refund amount proportionate to the work already done.